Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meditation For The People

Hi! I am Joseph Morgese.....owner

enjoy...thank you

That's me, below, at the pyramid that once was...just outside of Montreal...back in 1998...please not the ethereal flame of enlightenment flowing out from about mid-height of pyramid and veering up towards the upper left ...

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ommmm ya om ya la la om ya ya ommmm

above meditation mantra takes you deep deep deep

Oh kindest people...Please allow me to share this marvelous invocation that I learned from very ancient spiritual texts called 'The Upanishads" ...thank you

"let us be together 
let us eat together 
let us be vital together 
let us be radiating truth 
let us be radiating the light of life 
Never shall we denounce anyone 
Never shall we entertain negativity"

The Upanishads are at least 5 thousand years old and come from the Himalayan foothills region of the Indus Valley region of northern India...a region called the "Valley of the Saints"...from which comes the marvelous meditation teachings of the Transcendental Meditation Movement...

...   ...   ...

moon over my Himmy...Himalayan that is
16 Mountain and Full Moon.jpg - Full moon rising over the Himalayan mountain peaks, glowing in the twilight.
oh kindest people...enjoy this photo of the Himalayas as taken from a balcony of the Transcendental Meditation facility in the Valley of the Saints in Northern India...TM and the TM Siddhi Program, as well as the Invincible America Program are awesome programs which I recommend to any serious meditation enthusiast....
oh kindest people!...there is an idea being bandied about that "you get what you pay for" so that if something is free, it must not be worth very much...there is a psychology, that marketing understands, that we automatically assign more value to the more expensive item on a store shelf...
...however...   ...even though they are free, the meditations that I share on this web page are very powerful.....
I do enjoy sharing these meditations, and also teaching the theory behind them... and furthermore, this website brings 125,000 page views per year and, in the grander scheme of things, as part of promoting my books, songs, inventions, New Age Hotel, Crystal Pyramid, Heaven on Earth Appreciation Society, and the FreakieFries Fast Food Franchise, I am hoping that the free teachings of meditation serve a goodwill function...
and honorable mention to the Beautiful Girls of FreakieFries... for whom ...I did everything on this web site for them because of my deep love for them
so!...again...these meditation techniques are very powerful...thank you and enjoy